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To see what types of traffic lights are available for your media room, game room, home bar, club, garage, den, shop,back porch, camp, ranch, cabin, or band!



Customized to your specs!

Celebrating 15 years as a traffic light collector and refurbisher. Game Room Traffic Lights is a division of Gameroom Collectibles. We have been collecting memorabilia of all sorts for 40 years. The desire to add traffic lights to our personal game room has developed into providing traffic lights for others who have unique taste in hard to find, original and custom logo traffic lights. Browse our selection and contact us if you have any questions or requests. Thanks!

Original, Used Traffic lights. They operate on 110v and use common 40 watt bulbs. I have many to choose from. Flashing and non-flashing, vertical and horizontal. Painted ones with Logos are also available on request. Examples are: Texaco,Coca-cola(red&white),John eere(Green),Ford(Blue&white),Chevy(all colors), and Sport Venues such as Texas Longhorns,Texas A&M, LSU, Astros, Cowboys, ect. Prices start at $95.00 up to $215.00.We can ship nationwide.Traffic,signal,light,timer,control,stoplight,flash,sequencer,flasher,trafficlight,trafficsignal. Email or Call (409) 886-0334


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